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Discovery (Film Synopsis Part 7)

The Story

After being un-nerved by the loud blast of TMA-1, we are treated to the gentle-sounding Gayane Ballet Suite. We are greeted with the title "Jupiter Mission 18 Months Later". We see a large spaceship with a spherical front, a long, spine-like middle, and 6 large exhausts in the rear. There is an antenna complex on top about halfway between the front and the back. There are three round openings in the front and a long slit of windows above them. After a good look at the exterior, we are shown the living area of the interior. It consists of a cylindrical room with a walkway going all the way around. We see a lone man jogging completely around the cylinder. The room is a sort of centrifuge - continuously rotating, thus, creating a simulated gravity along the walkway. This is the same principle the space station used.

There are two men. The first one is the one jogging and shadowboxing around the centrifuge. The second comes out of the center hub carefully "down"…