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Transition (Film Synopsis Part 3)

The Story

We're back at the water hole. Again, we are seeing a previous scene played out. This time the scene starts out after the confrontation between the two groups has already begun. Our group is now armed with bone-club weaponry. The second group is completely oblivious as to why the first group is carrying the bones. Unlike the earlier encounter, the first group doesn't just run away upon the sight of the second group. Realizing they are being challenged, the leader of the second group crosses the water, yet before he can assert his will, he is greeted with a thud as a bone strikes him squarely across the back of the neck. He is down almost immediately. One by one, man-apes from the first group come up to the lying body and strike it. They are assuring themselves that the destructive power they have discovered is truly real. Upon this realization, one joyfully flings his club high into the air. The camera follows it...

Where the bone was, we now see an orbiting man-made sa…