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TMA-1 (Film Synopsis Part 6)

The Story

The desolate, barren landscape of the Lunar surface provides the background for the next segment of Floyd's journey. Ligeti's Lux Aeterna provides a haunting score. The silent flying vehicle over the jagged, dry surface is on it's way to a major discovery. Something very significant has been discovered in this inhospitable place. The music adds to the mystery. The vehicle is a moon shuttle - designed to go from one place to another on the Moon quickly. As the vehicle moves, we see a gibbous Earth in the background. Unlike the previous two vehicles (Orion, and Aries), no name is given for the shuttle. We do see the pilots using similar controls and displays as in the other two vehicles.

There are three scientists inside - Floyd, Halvorsen, and Michaels from the earlier conference. Their first order of business is to eat and then to mutually congratulate each other on how well they've handled the particular circumstances. Michaels then shows Floyd some photos a…