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The Film Begins (Film Synopsis Part 0)

The Story

The trailers for the upcoming movies have finished. The curtain closes. There is an air of anticipation resonating from the audience. There is hardly a sound. Then, the curtain rises again, you expectantly wait for the screen to begin revealing incredible imagery. Instead, the screen remains blank. You first hear a hum and soon, the hum becomes a mysterious blend of instruments - sounding somewhat classical, but with an electronic edge. Members of the audience begin to murmur as some aren't sure if the music is part of the film or not. Some even wonder if something is wrong with the projector as nothing is shown on the screen.

This is the very unique way 2001: A Space Odyssey begins, at least in a theater. The music is an excerpt from Ligeti's Atmosphere's. Kubrick chose to open this film way for several reasons:
It falls in with tradition as an MGM film. MGM films have overtures, typically an oil or watercolor painting shown on the screen with a montage of the film…