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A Day in the Life of a Man-Ape (Film Synopsis Part 1)

The Story

After a spectacular opening act, everything briefly goes dark and silent. We are greeted with a sunrise and an aptly named title “The Dawn of Man”. This is the first of three titles in the film. The titles also announce each part of the film.

We see barren landscapes. The only sounds are winds, adding to the whole feel of desolation. It’s all very eerie and you suddenly realize why. The images aren’t moving. The utter stillness even further adds to the whole tone of lifelessness. From the title, we can gather that we are witnessing Africa , roughly 4 million years ago. In fact, 4 million years will be mentioned specifically in the film later. It is a time where a species evolved from apes, but are no longer quite apes. After viewing dry riverbeds and dry bones, we finally see the man-apes gathered in a group, furiously digging in the hope of finding food. The imagery leading up to this scene is meant to set up just how harsh a landscape this is. The dry riverbed, …